May 08

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2

I don’t think I reviewed the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but quick version, I loved it. It was an absolutely delightful movie. It was funny, had heart, had a pretty straight forward plot, and didn’t feel rushed.

This sequel is a lot different. The characters are more developed. The plot is fairly simple, overall, but there was a lot of unnecessary stuff. Some of it was well executed, and some of it wasn’t. As always, I’ll warn you before I get into spoilers. Read the rest of this entry »

May 04

Can Christians Truly be Conservatives?

Quick disclaimer: I’m not going to really mock religion this time. This isn’t about whether Jesus actually existed or not. This isn’t about whether Conservatives are stupid or not. This is about whether Christian ideology matches Conservative ideology. Would Jesus actually be a Conservative? Do Conservatives actually like Jesus’ supposed message? That’s what this article is about. No judgement from me. Just a simple analysis about two ideologies that have lay together, as with a woman, so to speak.

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May 01

Biography: Tycho Brahe

I really want to do a biography on LBJ, but every time I sit down to write it, I get distracted. Then I came across Tycho Brahe, and knew I had to write about him. Tycho Brahe might not be a household name, like Newton, or Einstein, but he discovered the supernova, and was instrumental in our understanding of the cosmos. Also, he had one of the most entertaining lives ever lived.

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Mar 29

Stop Treating the Homeless Like People

I get a lot of hate for this, but I fucking can’t stand the homeless. I really can’t. They are aggressive, don’t have any boundaries, refuse to take “no” for an answer, and in many cases, are violent.

One of the arguments I often hear is that they are human. Perhaps they were at one time, but once they’ve been infected, they change. As the South Park documentary, “Night of the Living Homeless” showed, they more resemble the undead.

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Mar 13

Review: Logan

Do you like sadness? Do you like violence? Do you like father/daughter bonding while committing violence? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re going to love Logan. The third and final solo Wolverine movie, following The Wolverine, and started with the all around terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan ends Hugh Jackman’s 17 year run playing the titular character. As always, I’ll warn you before I get into spoilers.

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Mar 10

Minirant: Woke

As an old person, some of my biggest pet peeves are the noises young people make when communicating. “Yolo”, “swag”, “swole”, “fleek”, etc. I understand that slang evolves over time, and is slowly incorporated into our vernacular. Each generation has their own speech patterns and idioms. I still think “rad” is the best. I’m aware that this is just me being a cranky curmudgeon.

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Mar 09

Protect Your Privacy with a Secondary Email Address

Many moons ago, I signed up for a website called Have I Been Pwned. This website tracks your information, and if it shows up in a leak or hack, it notifies you. It’s a great tool, and I recommend you all use it, especially in our current times full of security breaches. Today, I got a notification that I had been leaked along with 1.4 billion people. Billion with a B. This leak included Full Names, addresses, IP addresses, etc.

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Mar 04

Review: John Wick 2

This will be one and a half reviews, because I didn’t start doing these until after I watched John Wick. To get everyone caught up, here’s the basic premise of the first John Wick movie. This will include spoilers for the first movie, but I’ll warn you before I get to the spoilers for the sequel.

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Mar 01

Genetically Modified Organisms

GMOs. We’ve all heard the phrase. It’s some sort of nasty thing “they” are putting into our foods. They should put it on labels so we know what we are consuming. It’s unhealthy. It’s poison. It’s a plot by corporations to keep us docile. Or maybe it’s just food.

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Feb 16

How to Save the DC Extended Universe

In the last week, we’ve gotten rumors that after declining to direct the solo Batman movie, Ben Affleck really wants to be let out of his contract as Batman. We also heard that Mel Gibson was a front runner for directing the second Suicide Squad movie.

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