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Mar 29

Stop Treating the Homeless Like People

I get a lot of hate for this, but I fucking can’t stand the homeless. I really can’t. They are aggressive, don’t have any boundaries, refuse to take “no” for an answer, and in many cases, are violent. One of the arguments I often hear is that they are human. Perhaps they were at one time, but …

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Mar 10

Minirant: Woke

As an old person, some of my biggest pet peeves are the noises young people make when communicating. “Yolo”, “swag”, “swole”, “fleek”, etc. I understand that slang evolves over time, and is slowly incorporated into our vernacular. Each generation has their own speech patterns and idioms. I still think “rad” is the best. I’m aware that …

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Mar 01

Genetically Modified Organisms

GMOs. We’ve all heard the phrase. It’s some sort of nasty thing “they” are putting into our foods. They should put it on labels so we know what we are consuming. It’s unhealthy. It’s poison. It’s a plot by corporations to keep us docile. Or maybe it’s just food.

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Jan 11

The Real Story of Aladdin

I recently finished rereading The Arabian Nights (also known as 1001 Nights or 1001 Arabian Nights), which contains the famous story of Aladdin and the genie. Pretty much everyone in the US has seen the 1992 movie, staring Robin Williams. What I hadn’t realized is how very, very, very different the book is from the movie.

Nov 01

The October 2016 (DynDNS) DDoS Attack

A few weeks ago, a DDoS attack crippled the internet, affecting websites like Amazon, eBay, Twitter, and many, many more. It seems this was accomplished by turning IoT devices into a botnet. Most internet users know that these words exist, and they know that they mean things, but few actually understand what happened. So that’s …

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Oct 26

PSA: Use Signal

I’ve mentioned this app before to friends, but I really want to encourage EVERYONE to start using Signal. Here’s what’s going on. We are living in the most technologically advanced period in our history, so far. While technology continues to advance, and we are capable of doing so much more than we could a few …

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Sep 14

UPS and Their Utter Lack of Accountability

I order things online a lot. Yesterday, I got a package via UPS. It was delivered to my front door. Today, I was expecting two packages via UPS. They were not delivered. Instead I got this error on the Tracking Number system. “The street number is incorrect. This may delay delivery. We’re attempting to update …

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Sep 01

In Shocking News, I Am Autistic

I hadn’t planned on writing this. Mainly, because this website is dedicated to me complaining about stupid stuff, and occasionally ridiculing my parents. It’s meant to be entertaining and funny. I try to not take myself too seriously, and what started me doing this website was that people found my tedious rants humorous. However, over …

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Aug 24

Chris Explains Country Lyrics to Black People

A few months ago, I did an article where I explained rap lyrics to white people. To build on that success, here’s the opposite. I’m going to try to explain country lyrics to black people. Hopefully with more conversations like this, we can build relationships, and end the cultural misunderstandings.

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Jun 01

Artsy Fartsy

Modern Art is a cop-out. Let’s be clear here, though. I don’t mean “art in modern times”. I mean a style of art called “modern” or “conceptual”. Back in the long long ago, art required skill. Now, anyone can vomit on some canvas and call it “art.”

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