Jan 05

Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This was a bad movie. I know you nerds are going to freak out when I say this. Hear me out. Just because a movie is in the Star Wars universe, doesn’t mean it’s good. To assume that anything that is cashing in… err… I mean, totally necessary in Star Wars, is a great movie by default, is silly. Sure, there were some good scenes, but on the whole, this wasn’t a good movie. As always, I’ll get to spoilers, but I’ll warn you first.

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Nov 18

Bad Arguments: Magical Thinking

card3217Today I’m going to talk about a bad argument that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with god claims, Magical Thinking. This type of faulty belief is the basis of all sorts of things from astrology, to ghost whisperers, and does, of course, include religion.

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Nov 09

President Trump: How Did This Happen?

3As of 11:38 pm, PST, Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential Election by 150k votes. This means that in a few hours, Democrats across the country will wake up, check the results, and full of shock and horror, ask how this happened. “Surely, no one in their right mind would vote for that monster.” In that sentence, we made two mistakes that will haunt us. One, we were condescending to Trump voters, and Two, we underestimated them. I’m going to try to step out of myself and be as nonpartisan as I can, and I ask anyone reading this to step out of yourself for a moment, and try to look at the arguments from the other side. I know. “Chris being mature?” Welcome to Trump’s America. I’ll still ridicule Republicans, but I’m also going to dismantle the Democrats.

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Nov 07

Review: Doctor Strange

568ad0a32ead4Doctor Strange is the final superhero movie of 2016. (thank fuck) After a year of movies that ranged from bad to meh, let’s see how Marvel decided to end their year. Doctor Strange is set in the MCU, so you can expect him to appear alongside Iron Man, Spiderman, and maybe even the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ll warn you before I get to spoilers.

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Nov 01

The October 2016 (DynDNS) DDoS Attack

220491A few weeks ago, a DDoS attack crippled the internet, affecting websites like Amazon, eBay, Twitter, and many, many more. It seems this was accomplished by turning IoT devices into a botnet. Most internet users know that these words exist, and they know that they mean things, but few actually understand what happened. So that’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m going to break down the attack and offer suggestions on what can be done about it.

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Oct 26

PSA: Use Signal

screen-shot-2015-12-02-at-3-25-12-pmI’ve mentioned this app before to friends, but I really want to encourage EVERYONE to start using Signal. Here’s what’s going on. We are living in the most technologically advanced period in our history, so far. While technology continues to advance, and we are capable of doing so much more than we could a few years ago, many forget that our laws have not caught up.

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Sep 14

UPS and Their Utter Lack of Accountability

ups_1442533248837_218899_ver1-0I order things online a lot. Yesterday, I got a package via UPS. It was delivered to my front door. Today, I was expecting two packages via UPS. They were not delivered. Instead I got this error on the Tracking Number system.

“The street number is incorrect. This may delay delivery. We’re attempting to update the address.”

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Sep 08

Crossover Episode: Smart Mirror Build (Software)

crcs4-fuiaezdcnLots of TV shows will have crossovers where characters from one show visit a different show. Since I have two websites, I figured I might as well use them. I recently made a smart mirror, and here’s how I did it. This article will be about the software setup. The article on my art site, thatonesite.us, will be about the hardware. Oh. And like 99% of the credit goes to Evan Cohen, and the people at http://smart-mirror.io/

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Sep 01

In Shocking News, I Am Autistic

Autism-brain-leadI hadn’t planned on writing this. Mainly, because this website is dedicated to me complaining about stupid stuff, and occasionally ridiculing my parents. It’s meant to be entertaining and funny. I try to not take myself too seriously, and what started me doing this website was that people found my tedious rants humorous. However, over the last year or two, through interviews, biographies, and my Server Build walkthrough, I have been adding an educational aspect to the site. Another thing that convinced me to write about this is the massive ignorance about what autism actually is. When most people think of autism, they think Rain Man or some sort of creature that can’t take care of itself.

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Aug 24

Chris Explains Country Lyrics to Black People

f1ce29fd810b31ef4cb656d21107f93cA few months ago, I did an article where I explained rap lyrics to white people. To build on that success, here’s the opposite. I’m going to try to explain country lyrics to black people. Hopefully with more conversations like this, we can build relationships, and end the cultural misunderstandings.

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