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Nov 18 2016

Bad Arguments: Magical Thinking

Today I’m going to talk about a bad argument that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with god claims, Magical Thinking. This type of faulty belief is the basis of all sorts of things from astrology, to ghost whisperers, and does, of course, include religion. Magical thinking is similar to the Argument from Ignorance, but …

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Mar 26 2015

Phil Robertson: Everything Wrong With Religion in a Nut(job)shell

NOTE: This is my longest rant. So far. And I’ve been doing this site for five years. Just wanted to warn you. – Chris Last time Phil Robertson, host of Duck Dynasty, said something stupid, I didn’t say much. I might have said something on Facebook along the lines of “He’s a dude who looks …

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Nov 25 2014

Bad Arguments: The Bible is the Word of God

While Pascal’s Wager is the most idiotic argument, and Personal Incredulity is the most pervasive, this is the most frustrating to me. It’s frustrating to me, because most of the people who use it, (the Christians who were raised to believe the Bible is the Word of God) are incapable of understanding why I question it. …

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Mar 31 2014

Bad Arguments: Shifting The Burden of Proof

The misunderstanding of the burden of proof is one of the biggest reasons logical arguments with theists fail. The person making the claim has the burden of proof. That’s how it works. It’s your job to prove your point, not their job to prove you wrong. If you can’t defend your argument with proof, that …

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Mar 13 2014

Bad Arguments: Personal Incredulity

Welcome to another edition of Bad Arguments. Today’s topic is Personal Incredulity, which is a subset of the the logical fallacy, Argumentum ad Ignorantiam (Argument from Ignorance). This is usually phrased as, “Well how else can you explain (insert topic that isn’t understood by the person)?” The problem here is that just because someone can’t think …

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Jan 29 2014

Bad Arguments: Pascal’s Wager

Over the last few years, I’ve really started studying apologetics. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “apologetics” is the discipline of defending a position, usually, religious positions. Anytime you hear someone defend or give a reason for their faith, that is called apologetics. This is a practice that has gone back as long as… …

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Nov 02 2013

Bad Arguments: If Man Came From Apes, Why Are There Still Apes?

I love this question. I see it a lot from creationists. To them, it’s the ace up their sleeve or the 8 ball in the corner pocket. They expect that someone who understands evolution will see that question, and think, “Wow. I never thought of that. Evolution must be wrong.” When in reality, the smart …

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