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Jul 20 2017

Nerd Cred / Nerd Acceptance

A few days ago, I posted a rant that mentioned how nerds don’t like change. To prove that I truly can complain about anything, I’m now going to rant about the exact opposite position. Today, I’m going to talk about how a certain subset of nerds need to embrace change. I don’t know if it’s …

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Jul 13 2017

America’s Changing Attitude Towards Russia

How the fuck did the Republicans in the US go from “watch out for the reds” to “hey, Russia’s not that bad”, in less than one hundred years? Seriously? We spent decades in a Cold War stalemate with the Russians, which was a giant chess game where the world was our chess board. Republican Senator …

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May 29 2017

Patriotic Revolutionaries

Earlier this month, I posted an article about how I thought Christianity and Conservatism were contradictory ideas. This time, I’m going to talk about two more antithetical ideas. Those ideas would be patriotism and revolutionary… ism. Quick side note. What inspired me to write this, is my conservative brother shared this picture on Facebook. No big deal. …

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May 04 2017

Can Christians Truly be Conservatives?

Quick disclaimer: I’m not going to really mock religion this time. This isn’t about whether Jesus actually existed or not. This isn’t about whether Conservatives are stupid or not. This is about whether Christian ideology matches Conservative ideology. Would Jesus actually be a Conservative? Do Conservatives actually like Jesus’ supposed message? That’s what this article …

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Jan 24 2017

Nazi Punching

Ugh. Earlier this month I talked about the SJWs, and now I have to talk to liberals. At this point, I’m worried I’m starting to sound like Fox News, but nothing makes me want to try to enjoy NASCAR and fuck a relative more than a self righteous liberal hypocrite. I’ve already written about free …

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Jan 09 2017

The Social Justice Movement

Ugh. I’ve wanted to rant about this for a while, but haven’t had the energy to deal with the blowback, but fuck it. I’m offended by the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). Triggered even. Luckily, I have this safe space to talk about it. So let’s sit back and imagine these precious snowflakes loose their shit, …

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Nov 09 2016

President Trump: How Did This Happen?

As of 11:38 pm, PST, Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential Election by 150k votes. This means that in a few hours, Democrats across the country will wake up, check the results, and full of shock and horror, ask how this happened. “Surely, no one in their right mind would vote for that monster.” In …

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Aug 24 2016

Chris Explains Country Lyrics to Black People

A few months ago, I did an article where I explained rap lyrics to white people. To build on that success, here’s the opposite. I’m going to try to explain country lyrics to black people. Hopefully with more conversations like this, we can build relationships, and end the cultural misunderstandings. Today, I’m going to translate …

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Aug 12 2016

The Gay Agenda vs My Idiot Parents

This story is a few years old, but I was thinking about it the other day. My parents are fundamentalist Catholics. Think Glenn Beck, with less reasoning skills. They decided to remove my little brother from the Boy Scouts because “the gays were attacking”. Now that quote came from my brother who was like 12 …

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Jul 21 2016

The Case for Secession

I could have sworn that I’ve ranted about this before, but I guess not. By now, some of you have seen some variation of the image to the side. If you google “dumbfuckistan” you’ll find everything from internet memes, to hats, to even panties for some reason. This makes me think of an idea I’ve …

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