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May 04 2017

Can Christians Truly be Conservatives?

Quick disclaimer: I’m not going to really mock religion this time. This isn’t about whether Jesus actually existed or not. This isn’t about whether Conservatives are stupid or not. This is about whether Christian ideology matches Conservative ideology. Would Jesus actually be a Conservative? Do Conservatives actually like Jesus’ supposed message? That’s what this article …

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Nov 18 2016

Bad Arguments: Magical Thinking

Today I’m going to talk about a bad argument that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with god claims, Magical Thinking. This type of faulty belief is the basis of all sorts of things from astrology, to ghost whisperers, and does, of course, include religion. Magical thinking is similar to the Argument from Ignorance, but …

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Aug 12 2016

The Gay Agenda vs My Idiot Parents

This story is a few years old, but I was thinking about it the other day. My parents are fundamentalist Catholics. Think Glenn Beck, with less reasoning skills. They decided to remove my little brother from the Boy Scouts because “the gays were attacking”. Now that quote came from my brother who was like 12 …

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Jun 15 2015

Biography: Grigori Rasputin

It’s time for another biography. Today it’s the Siberian Swindler, Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin is primarily known for two things: His seeming ability to control the Russian Czar, and one of the most odd, confusing, unreliable deaths in modern history. Rasputin was born in Pokrovskoye, in Siberia in 1869. He was assassinated in Saint Petersberg in 1916. In that …

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Mar 26 2015

Phil Robertson: Everything Wrong With Religion in a Nut(job)shell

NOTE: This is my longest rant. So far. And I’ve been doing this site for five years. Just wanted to warn you. – Chris Last time Phil Robertson, host of Duck Dynasty, said something stupid, I didn’t say much. I might have said something on Facebook along the lines of “He’s a dude who looks …

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Feb 12 2015

Chapel Hill: Violence, Parking, and Religion

If you’ve paid attention to the news in the last few days, you’ve no doubt heard of the murder of three people in one of the Carolinas. For the rest of you, I’ll catch you up. On Tuesday, February 10th, Craig Stephen Hicks (because of course his last name is Hicks) allegedly shot three students …

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Nov 25 2014

Bad Arguments: The Bible is the Word of God

While Pascal’s Wager is the most idiotic argument, and Personal Incredulity is the most pervasive, this is the most frustrating to me. It’s frustrating to me, because most of the people who use it, (the Christians who were raised to believe the Bible is the Word of God) are incapable of understanding why I question it. …

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Sep 15 2014

Reclaiming “Islamophobia”

Islamophobia is a buzzword that has been around since the 1920s, but has recently become a common term used to decry any criticism of Islam. The suffix “phobia” means “fear”. Am I afraid of Islam? They kill people who don’t believe in their magic sky wizard. They threaten (and sometimes succeed) in killing people for insulting …

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Jul 08 2014

Intro to Religion

With ISIS and the ongoing fighting in the Middle East, I thought it would be interesting to explore the religious side of the topic. There are many contributing factors, so I’m not saying religion is the only cause, but it is part of it. Let’s start with some basics. Religious beliefs can be divided into …

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Apr 30 2014

MiniRant: God’s Forgiveness

I find the very concept of “God’s forgiveness” utterly repulsive. Let’s assume for the moment that a god exists. Let’s also assume that you have the correct god. We all do bad things, occasionally. Sometimes these bad things hurt others. The people from whom we should seek forgiveness are those we’ve hurt. Why does this god …

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