May 07 2013

Free Speech

041607FreeSpeechFree speech is a very tricky thing when you think about it. Like, I can call someone an asshole. But if I call them a rapist, then it’s libel. It’s like if you make it up, it’s fine. If it’s fact, it’s fine. But if there’s the possibility that it’s true without any proof, then it’s not acceptable. Does that make any sense to anyone? I am a huge supporter of free speech. I mean, I want to make a living exploiting it, after all.

When I was growing up, I learned that we have certain rights. But we lose those rights when they infringe on someone else’s rights. Makes sense. I have the right to have a gun. Someone else has a right to be alive. So I can shoot my gun, but if I take away that person’s right to be alive by killing them, then I lose my right to have a gun. Makes sense.

Except for religion of course. Religion can say whatever they fuck they want. Do you watch the news? They can tell an entire group of people that they don’t deserve to get married. That they are an abomination to god. They can make people vote to not let OTHER people get abortions. Like if THE RELIGIOUS don’t like abortion, they don’t have to get one. I’m fine with that. Because it’s their choice. But they are taking away EVERYONE’S choice, even those who don’t believe in the same celestial wizard. How does that make sense?

Then I voice my criticism of religion and I’M the hate group? What. The. Fucking. Fuck? Westboro Baptist picket funerals of soldiers because their god hates gay people. I say religion is silly. And I’M the unreasonable one? What planet is this? This is utter nonsense. Religion needs to be put back in place. Churches. People’s hearts. OUT of public. Sure, you want to be proud to believe in imaginary things. I get it. I was a child once, too. If you nutjobs would stop ruining society, I wouldn’t have to complain about it. I could complain about people littering on sidewalks or something.

Grr. I wasn’t even planning on talking about religion this time. But look, I’ll stop bringing it up, when they stop fucking shit up for me.

Anyway. I’m a strong supporter of free speech. It enables me to say whatever I want, as long as it doesn’t encroach on other people’s rights. I don’t force people to read my blog. I ask them to. I ask them to give me feedback. I welcome discussion. If someone disagrees with me, they can. This site is paid by me. Its content is created by me. The opinions are my opinions. If you don’t like what I have to say, feel free to not read my site.

The reason I bring this up is because of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, protesters wanted stronger anti-blasphemy laws. You see, in Islamic nations, it is a crime to “insult” Islam. Anyway, they were protesting and shouting for all atheists to be hanged. The protest gathered at least 100k people who came from all over just to stop people from speaking their opinions. But that’s Bangladesh. This is the US. I am allowed to say whatever I want.

The more vocal we atheists become, the more religious people panic. They have spent so long literally killing people who disagree with them that they expect atheists to use the same logic. But we don’t. We’re better than religion. We’re smarter. We’re more evolved. Get it? Evolved. Because religious people don’t believe in evolution. It’s funny.

At no point has an atheist killed people because they were religious. You often hear the idiotic “Hitler and Stalin were atheists…” nonsense. They also had mustaches. Their creepy facial hair had just as much to do with their kill count as their atheism. None. They killed people who disagreed with their POLICIES, not their LACK OF RELIGION. Though Hitler claimed he did what he did because he was a Christian.

I had a conversation with someone recently. I was trying to figure out the truth behind something that happened when I was a child. This person with whom I was speaking told me that I shouldn’t say something if I don’t have something nice to say. Fuck that. The world isn’t a nice place. If I see a problem with something, I’m going to speak about it. That’s my right. Just like they have the right to say I’m wrong. They don’t, however, have the right to stop me from speaking about it.

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