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Mar 10 2017

Minirant: Woke

As an old person, some of my biggest pet peeves are the noises young people make when communicating. “Yolo”, “swag”, “swole”, “fleek”, etc. I understand that slang evolves over time, and is slowly incorporated into our vernacular. Each generation has their own speech patterns and idioms. I still think “rad” is the best. I’m aware that …

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Jun 25 2014

Double Standards / Bad Boys

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen this guy. For the two of you who don’t have the internet, this is Jeremy Meeks. He was recently arrested in Stockton, CA, for possessing a firearm, as well a other gun and gang related charges. He also has a history of criminal behavior and has spent 71 days after being …

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Feb 03 2014

Personal Awareness

By request, I’m going to complain about people who just seem out of it. You know, the type that don’t seem to know where they are or who do things that don’t make sense in their current situation. The analogy suggested to me was people who honk in traffic jams. This one is quite simple, …

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Sep 10 2013

My Love of Learning

I recently ranted about people who don’t do their own research and expect others to do the work for them. While I still stand by my initial conclusions, I have realized the main cause for this problem. People don’t like to learn anymore. Now keep in mind, “learning” and “school” are not the same thing. …

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Jul 25 2013

Do Your Own Fucking Research

Look. I get it. I’m a genius, and it’s easier to ask me than find out on your own. Here’s the thing. The reason people think I’m a genius is BECAUSE I find shit out on my own. I don’t know everything, but I know HOW TO FIND everything. Studies have shown lately, that our …

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Apr 15 2013

Yet Another Reason Washington Isn’t A Real State

Every once in a while, I read a news story that is totally silly and stupid. Then I notice it happened in Washington State, and I’m not at all surprised. So here we go. From Wenatchee, WA (A place in the middle of nowhere. I recently went there for a friend’s wedding. It’s seriously half …

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Sep 29 2012

In Not-at-all-shocking News…

The Center for Disease Control has found that the states that are most against things like “teaching safe sex”, “why you shouldn’t put butter in everything” or “reading”, are the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy. I know. How unbelievable? You mean to say the uneducated pop out more kids? Why would they …

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Jul 27 2012

Generation Moron

I have noticed, lately, that we have an epidemic of stupid. Now, I know I complain about stupid people all the time, but I’m mainly talking about the generation after mine. The people born in the 90s. They seem to be the “now” generation. All they  think about is right now. They can’t think about …

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Aug 25 2011


I don’t know why, but something has happened to our society where the ability to effectively communicate has been lost. More than that, it has been shunned. People now take pride in their illiteracy. I often hear things like “well that’s just the way I speak” or “you know what I mean”. The worst is …

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Aug 05 2011

Birth Control Legislation

Effective August 2012, all health plans must cover birth control and preventative screenings for women. The conservatives are against this because, well, because liberals support the idea. Now I may have voiced my opinions on reproduction in the past. I know. I never speak my mind. Anyway, my argument has been that people are having …

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